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Chatrooms, forums and peer-to-peer networks can be fun, but you need to think about the fact that you can’t ever know who you’re really chatting to if you’ve never met them in real life.

That means you need to be careful about who you give your personal info to – you wouldn’t hand out your mobile number to a stranger you’d just met in the street, but that’s exactly what you’d be doing if you gave your number out to someone you’d only talked to online. However well you think you know someone they’re a still a stranger until you’ve actually seen them in the flesh.

Go to to read some real life stories.

Jenny's story

Jenny is a 13 year old girl who used to chat a lot on the internet. She met a woman on Instant Messenger who told her that she could be a model and convinced her to take topless photographs of herself. The women turned out to be a man who then came round to her house and assaulted her.

These offences were investigated and the person responsible was arrested and convicted of assaulting Jenny and was sent to prison. Jenny is now being treated with great understanding, tact and sensitivity by the police and is recovering from her experience.

jenny's story jenny's story jenny's story

Jenny wanted to share her story in order that others could learn from what happened to her. Childnet have made Jenny’s story into a video which is available for secondary schools.

If you have any stories of things that have happened to you, see our Chatdanger website where you can tell us what happened confidentially.


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