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Using Kidsmart

Whilst internet access in schools is generally filtered, supervised and safe, many teachers face particular challenges in educating pupils how to use the internet safely outside of the classroom. For example:

  • How can pupils make sense of applications such as blogs and Instant Messenger?
  • What to say to pupils who have accessed inappropriate material on an unfiltered computer?
  • How to discuss peer to peer networks and online anonymity?
  • What to do to help children who receive excessive junk mail and spam?
  • How to bring up the issue of online communication and help children to understand how they can be at risk online?

Kidsmart have designed various resources for you to access:

kidsmart BENG SMART presentationBeing SMART presentation for primary aged children: Follow this link to download the PowerPoint presentation put together by Childnet International for use with Year 2 -6 children. This interactive presentation has been used successfully in schools across the UK to deliver internet safety messages. The presentation uses an entertaining animation to cover the SMART rules in a memorable way and includes scenarios to use with your children to allow them to apply their new knowledge effectively.

Kidsmart Being SMART scriptBeing SMART script: Follow this link to download the script that accompanies the Being SMART presentation. The script contains guidance for teachers and a range of tips to convey the messages effectively.

kidsmart leafletsOrder materials: You may wish to simply order the stand alone resources - such as leaflets and posters for your school and then distribute these to your pupils to take home to their parents. Over 2 million have already been distributed to schools around the country! Just getting these into the hands of pupils and parents is a good first step and will give them simple advice that they can act on... [order]

staying smart online Use the lesson plans to reinforce internet safety messages in the classroom: As well as ordering the leaflets for both pupils and parents, you might consider using the Staying SMART Online interactive module or printing off the classroom activities and running some of the lesson plans on internet safety. These worksheets have been designed for KS2 and KS3 pupils but you can adapt them to suit your class. There is also an excellent drama on chatting risks that has been performed in schools which you might wish to order to read or perform with older children.

photo of kidsmart activity dayRun a whole day programme: Kidsmart run successful activity days in primary and secondary schools each week of the school year. These sessions are interactive and focus on the positive aspects of using the internet as well as giving young people strategies to keep themselves safe online. There are also parents seminar’s that can be delivered as part of an activity day... [find out more]

don't just stareDon't Just Stare: The Don't Just Stare guide assists teachers as they support young people in creating websites. The activities contained within the guide are designed to encourage pupils to PREPARE: develop ideas, research information, generate content; DARE: consider and evaluate components of a website; and SHARE: learn how to present and share knowledge through designing and constructing their own online project. The content of these activities will motivate pupils to design and create their own website whilst learning how be safe and keep SMART online.

Know it AllKnow IT All is an interactive CD-ROM resource for secondary school pupils aimed to empower and educate pupils on internet safety issues from positive use of the net to cyber-bullying and inappropriate content and contact online.

jenny's story Jenny's story: This film shows the real life story of a girl who was groomed on the internet. This resource comes with a teachers pack including a lesson plan and questions and answer sheet which is part of the Kidsmart secondary activity day. A powerful and moving film which can be ordered with relevant material from this site... [find out more]

sorted websiteChildnet’s Sorted website, designed and developed by an 18 year old Childnet Academy winner, contains vital information for internet users on how to keep computers secure from such things as viruses, spyware, and Trojans, and how to minimise risks such as identity theft and those associated with file-sharing.

For further information about any of these email:

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