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Helping parents

As a teacher you are already under enormous pressure and may not have time to respond to the questions which many parents have about their children's internet activity outside of the classroom. On this page you can find helpful advice to give to parents about this subject.

presentationKnow IT All PowerPoint presentation
The Know IT All for Parents and Carers presentation highlights the gap that exists between children?s real experience online and adult awareness of these experiences. The presentation contains information about positive ways young people are using different technologies, what the risks are to users and it outlines practical advice in avoiding or minimising risks when using online and mobile technologies … [download] (14.9MB)

kidsmart leaflets
Parent's leaflet

Childnet's parents leaflet entitled Keeping Up With Children on the Internet is an excellent short introduction to the subject. It may be that as part of your school's strategy you order these leaflets and send them home to parents with the pupils or use them when your schools Acceptable Use Policy letter is sent home for parental consent.

Interactive Safety ResourceInteractive Safety Resource
Childnet, along with the parent division of the DfES, conceived and wrote this Interactive safety animation which is the first of its type on the web. It is designed for parents and addresses the main concerns that parents have about their children's use of the internet.

parents seminarParent's seminar
Childnet has worked in collaboration with ParentsOnline (now part of ParentsCentre) to produce this multimedia version of Childnet's parents seminar looking at the issues of internet safety.

If your school is interested in holding a seminar contact This may give you a good opportunity to showcase what your school is doing in the area of ICT generally and update parents on your own internal ICT policy... [get the parents seminar]

home office booklet: keeping your child safe on the internetHome Office booklet
Childnet is a member of the UK Government Home Office Task Force on internet safety which has produced an excellent guide for parents entitled "Keeping Your Child Safe on the Internet". You can download a copy of this resource...
[download Home Office booklet] (369KB).

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