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Using Kidsmart

  • cartoon: "i've got it out of the box... what do i do now?"You are right to be concerned about this issue
    Whilst most people accept that the internet offers tremendous benefits for children, there are real opportunities for misuse and children can be easily contacted by those who you wouldn't want your children to talk to. With the growth of internet access and cameras on mobile phones, supervision of children’s internet access will become more difficult and the risks harder to quantify.
  • You can do something to help your children
    There are some simple practical steps you can take to help limit the risks as well as clear advice you can give your child. However, really helping your child will mean getting involved in their online activity, learning from your children about a whole new language and way of communicating and then playing your part in being a good parent - in supporting them and guiding them.

    In this section of the website you can find practical help and advice. There is a parents leaflet entitled 'Keeping Up With Children on the Internet' you can order which outlines the risks and the positive things you can do right now with your children at home. There is a link to a database which lists key filtering products you can purchase and what they all do. There is specific advice on chatrooms and how to share the SMART rules with your children.
  • Get the school involved
    Kidsmart have various resources for schools including lesson plans, leaflets, posters and interactive activity days. The activity days run all day with groups of children, and can also include a session with parents in the evening. If you’d like one of the Childnet team to visit you children’s school contact:

Interactive Safety Resource Interactive Safety Resource
Childnet, along with the parent division of the DfES, conceived and wrote this Interactive safety animation which is the first of its type on the web. It is designed for parents and addresses the main concerns that parents have about their children's use of the internet.

jenny's storyJenny's story
This film shows the real life story of a girl who was groomed on the internet. This resource comes with a teachers pack including a lesson plan and questions and answer sheet which is part of the Kidsmart secondary activity day. A powerful and moving film which can be ordered with relevant material from this site... [find out more]

Childnet's Kidsmart programme helps both parents, teachers and children to understand the dangers whilst at the same time encourages positive internet use. Carol Vorderman

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