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cartoonSome parents want a simple solution and think that by installing a filtering product on their computer that their children are safe from inappropriate content and contact. However, whilst filters can block a lot of inappropriate material they are not 100% effective and are no substitute for parental involvement. Furthermore a lot of children access computers which are not filtered - e.g. at internet cafes, libraries, friends houses etc. It is therefore important to help your children be SMART online wherever they are.

www.getnetwise.orgGet Net Wise
If you are interested in purchasing a filtering product for your computer there is an excellent database which lists all the leading filtering products and allows you to search for specific filtering features you are interested in.

Listen to the experts

For some good common sense advice on the Get Net Wise website, go directly to these video clips ( of two expert parents who are sharing their knowledge and experience with others.

Larry Magid is an expert on internet safety having founded and has written widely for many publications on technology issues.

Anne Collier is the founder of Net Family News, a non-profit public service providing net news for families, parents, teachers, and all caregivers.

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