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Safety Advice

presentationPowerPoint presentation
The Know IT All for Parents and Carers presentation highlights the gap that exists between children?s real experience online and adult awareness of these experiences. The presentation contains information about positive ways young people are using different technologies, what the risks are to users and it outlines practical advice in avoiding or minimising risks when using online and mobile technologies … [download] (14.9MB)

activity day Your child's school may be interested in hosting this seminar with Childnet staff attending. If Childnet staff came to the school they would also be able to help run classroom activities and support teachers in their work of helping children to understand the issues. As a charity Childnet have to charge. Please contact if you are interested.

parents' seminarParents' seminar
Childnet has worked in collaboration with ParentsOnline (now part of ParentsCentre) to produce this new multimedia version of the parent's seminar based on the original one above. This presentation takes 10 minutes to listen to, but you can pause it at any time … [click here]

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