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28 April 2004

kidsmart asian language leafletsKidsmart Asian Language Leaflets

Childnet International is delighted to announce the launch of Kidsmart parent’s leaflets in three new languages: Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu.

Childnet’s Kidsmart programme is an internet safety awareness resource aimed at parents, teachers and children. The programme has been adopted by the Maltese government and elements of it have been translated into French, Spanish and Italian. However these are the first leaflets to be made available in languages other than English in the UK. The leaflets for parents and young people have been one of the most successful elements of the programme, with over 1 million copies printed and distributed since the launch of the programme in 2001.

The leaflets in Asian languages have been produced in partnership with the Slough e-learning Foundation. They are to assist parents who speak some of the 31 languages in Slough, in understanding the benefits of the internet and how it can be used safely and responsibly in the home.

By distributing the leaflets for free to parents in Slough, Childnet hopes to support the aims of the e-learning Foundation in encouraging accessibility of technology in the home. Seeing as parents with fears about their child’s use of the internet are unlikely to allow them access to it at home.

Mary Louise Morris Awareness and Education Officer says:

We hope that the Kidsmart Internet safety information for parents in these ethnic groups will help parents to understand the ways in which they can keep their children safe online. By providing the safety information along side the access to technology, we hope that children will be able to make the most of the enormous learning resources that the Internet has to offer.

The leaflets will be launched at James Elliman primary school on the 28th April. There will be presentations by the Slough eLearning Foundation, Childnet International and the James Elliman children.

For more information please contact The Kidsmart team.

About Childnet International (www.childnet-int.org)

Childnet International’s mission is to work in partnership with others around the world to help make the Internet a great and safe place for children. In all its work Childnet seeks to take a balanced approach. Since 1995 the organisation has been developing award-winning education and awareness resources for schools and parents as well as responding strategically to the policy and protection issues. Childnet is a member of the UK Government’s Home Office Task Force on Child Protection on the Internet.

About the Slough e-Learning Foundation

The Slough e-Learning Foundation was formed to help disadvantaged people and families in Slough gain access to ICT so as to benefit from e-Learning and cross the so-called ‘digital divide’. The Charity has already helped 450 children and their families in Slough’s most disadvantaged communities through providing access to laptop computer for Family Learning programs – leading to all family members having equal access to learning resources for personal development. This registered Charity has already raised £140000+ for projects in Slough and is looking to develop even greater achievements.


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