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16th May 2006

Free Internet Safety Leaflets for Parents

Childnet extends its reach to parents by distributing free internet safety leaflets to primary schools with funding from the Department for Education and Skills.

Need to learn how to keep up with your children on the internet?

Childnet is delighted to announce that for a limited time only* it is able to make available to all primary schools in the UK its popular parent’s internet safety leaflets for free.

These leaflets, entitled Keeping Up With Children on the Internet have been updated and help to inform parents about issues relating to the safe and secure use of internet and mobile technologies and encourage them to get involved in their children’s online activities.

Over the last few years over 2 million of these leaflets have been used in schools in the UK and have been effective at providing parents with knowledge and information on the issues their children face every day online. The revised leaflet covers the following issues: potential risks faced by internet users – specifically children, the role of filters within internet safety education, mobile phone issues, the risks and strategies associated with new technologies such as downloading and file-sharing, and social networking; and how to communicate these issues to children.

The leaflets also contain Childnet’s SMART rules for parents to help their children remember 5 simple ways to stay safe online. Parents are also given 5 top tips that equip them with things they as parents can do for their children immediately to encourage safer internet use at home. Parents are also given a list of related websites to visit for further information and resources including the new Child Exploitation & Online Protection centre reporting facility.

Childnet believes that it is important that when young children start to use the internet they are helped to understand the safety issues of using the internet outside of schools. If schools and families are working together and giving consistent messages to children about how they can stay safe online then it will ensure that this is more likely to happen.  It is for this reason that Childnet is working with the DfES to help equip primary schools so they can receive free Childnet parents’ leaflets when they order online at www.childnet-int.org/order.  

Those schools that purchase the primary leaflets for children - Helping Your Parents Be Cool About the Internet, will also have their order matched with an equivalent number of parents’ leaflets. 

Nicola Sanders, Childnet’s Education & Schools Manager says:

“Equipping parents with ways in which they can get involved and educate their children about online issues is essential if young people are to remain safe when they are online at home. These leaflets will encourage parents to take an active role in their children’s online activity and empower them to contribute to their children’s safety online in an environment in which they generally feel less confident than their children.”

The Department for Education and Skills has generously funded the printing and redesign of the Childnet parents’ leaflets.

Childnet is keen to offer resources free to all schools in the UK and develop ways in which children and parents are receiving internet safety information. If you have any ideas about how Childnet can achieve this aim or for more information on this promotion visit www.childnet-int.org/order; or contact:

Nicola Sanders
Childnet International
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7639 6967
E-mail: nicola@childnet-int.org

*From May 2006 until December 2006


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