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Childnet has worked closely with a number of Local Education Authorities (LEA), libraries, social services teams and regional police forces on developing internet safety programmes. We believe that in terms of reaching pupils and families it is vital that all sectors play their part and are proactive in helping children understand how to be safe online wherever they are using computers. Childnet is happy to work in close partnership with all strategic bodies who would like to use our materials and expertise and we are able to adapt our resources for specific audiences if necessary.

If you think the Kidsmart leaflets, posters and other resources outlined on this website would be helpful in your work, or if you need advice on how to develop your own internet awareness programme Childnet staff can help you.

For example, if you would like to consider using the Kidsmart leaflets, Childnet can arrange for bulk orders. If re-printing is needed it may be possible to make minor changes on the back panel of the leaflet and include other local or specialist website resources and organisation contact details and logos. Charges for using the content and making minor adaptations as well as print costs and distribution would need to be made, but Childnet staff can advise.

Please contact kidsmart@childnet.com for more information.

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