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Feel free to email your views on anything on this site especially suggestions on how we can improve and develop the resources. Below are a few comments from viewers or schools that have taken part in the Kidsmart programme.

What young people have said...

I thought that the Kidsmart internet session was really good. They gave me excellent advice on the internet and really helped me to be safe. I'll take up all their advice in the future.

What teachers have said...

The SMART rules have proved to be a powerful way for the children to remember the advice. They now talk about being SMART (and know what they mean!)

Sunday Times DOORS magazine...

I am happy to recommend unreservedly one source of guidance that sensibly balances the good with the bad: Childnet’s UK advice site at www.kidsmart.org.uk. This offers the best advice on the subject I have ever seen, and with an admirably realistic approach too.

One sentence from the site should be printed out and stuck next to every family computer. “Really helping your child will mean getting involved in your child’s online activity, learning from your children about a whole new language and way of communicating, and then playing your part in being a good parent — or ‘good enough’ parent — in supporting and guiding them.” That says it all. The issue is not about your children’s relationship with the net. It is about their relationship with you, one that needs to be active, work in both directions, be based on trust, and enable you to do something children desperately need — set the boundaries of acceptability.

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